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The Choice is YOURS.

...more than a company.
Yesterday. In 1998 was opened the first authentic American Sports Bar in Frankfurt-Bornheim (at that time the only one of it's kind) and became at the same time the pioneer of the YOURS Bars Group. So the locals of the region were offered a hint of American culture and at once, a large number of Americans here found a place where they felt at home. Today. Meanwhile, the company comprises now the almost historical Sports Bar in Bornheim and the modern Sports Bar in Wiesbaden. More than a company. Many German-American friendships have been formed over the years in the YOURS Bars. For instance the foundation meeting of the German-American Friendship Assosiation (DAF e. V.) took place in one of the YOURS Bars, with the goal of cultural exchange in the sense of looking beyond the box. www.yours-bars.de

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